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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God Keeps His Promises

Remembered with a Rainbow

The beauty in the sky today, reminded me of you
It was a rainbow after the rain, it is the promise of God in full view

Oh how I wish she were here to share in our family
But God sent me a sign that she is there and she is free

The beauty of the rainbow, the sparkle in the sky
It is a forever promise that God is always nearby

For my sweet baby in heaven, thank you for these days
For this rainbow I have seen today, I give the Lord my praise

The promise of our Father will always be true
Whether the sky in your world is with a rainbow or it is gray and blue

So keep your eyes on Him and you will stay in the light
And when you look back on your life, the darkness will turn bright

God will send you something to remind you of His promises and love
For me it was a rainbow that gave me confidence that the baby I love is safe up above

Thank you, God. Happy 11 months in Heaven, Rylan!


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