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Sunday, July 3, 2011

You Have Given Me Strength

To My Sweet Rylan,
I was thinking about you today, as I passed by the cemetery were you are buried. I was looking back at the last two years and eight months, remembering the many wonderful thing you have taught me.

As I approach the birth of your baby brother, I am trying my best to remain positive and praying for an uneventful birth. Lately, anxiety and fear have been the main emotions I have been experiencing since I am two weeks from my due date. Honestly, I am so scared. I thought about how you've taught me to ENDURE and to have STRENGTH no matter what trials or joys come my way. I am not going to give up, give in, or back down. God has bought me too far to wimp out. With God, I can do this...I can joyfully await your brother's birth, I can be thankful your brothers and sister, I can walk through this life with my best friend, my husband, and I can humbly rely on God for peace and strength to endure. I love you, my girl! Thank you for giving me the strength to look forward and love.


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