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Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday in Heaven!

Every year when I turn my calendar to October, I dread the emotions and feelings that come over me throughout the month. October is a hard month for me and I think it always will be. On October 1st, I begin to pray God would send me reminders of Rylan. I ask God to reveal himself. My eyes are wide-open and I am searching, and every year God is faithful. This year, God gave me a beautiful song (I call it the "Amen song), but it is "Because He Lives" by Matt Maher. It is a wonderful reminder of God's sacrifice and I can face tomorrow because Jesus lives. Praise God for hope and strength each day. Also, there is a video of girls singing "Amazing Grace." It is angelic and heavenly. I love it.

This year, God has used Anna Claire to remind me of Rylan. Anna Claire is very interested in Rylan; she loves to look at pictures and ask questions. Most of the questions she has, I do not have an answer. Last night, Anna Claire wanted to know Rylan's favorite color. I told her I did not know because she was a baby when she died. I suggested maybe Rylan likes pink. Anna Claire quickly responded with "Mom, I know she likes rainbow colors. Rainbow colors are so pretty. We should make rainbow cupcakes this year to remind us of Rylan." I had tears in my eyes and thought about how for the past seven years rainbows have reminded me of Rylan and God's promises. Thank you, Lord, for using Anna Claire.

You are precious, and I thankful you are my daughter. Your life and death have touched the hearts of many. My heart has a compassion and love deeper each day because of you. Happy 7th Birthday in heaven! May the rainbows in heaven be beautiful on your special day!



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