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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our God Reigns

As I reflect on the past year and half, I think about how losing you has made me a stronger person and a better wife and mother. I truly cherish each blessing in my life and am thankful this journey of life.

This year, I had the opportunity to study the book of Revelation in Community Bible Study. The study has given me hope in remembering OUR GOD REIGNS FOREVER AND EVER.

To Rylan:

He Reigns...
He reigns when my heart was filled with so much joy and excitement as I welcomed you, my first daughter, into this world. He reigns when I said goodbye to you and gave you one last kiss. He reigns when my world was so dark that I could not see anything around me. He reigns when I prayed each morning to keep me in the "light." He reigns when I begged Him for strength to make it through the day. He reigns when my heart aches because you are gone from this earth. He reigns when tears suddenly come from something reminds me of you. He reigns when I began to see His glory and purpose in my pain and suffering. He reigns when I think of heaven and the amazing gift of eternity you are experiencing. He reigns when I am reminded of His faithfulness. He reigns when I praise Him for you and your life. He is my God, and He forever reigns.


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