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Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank You, My Angel!

It has been awhile....I still miss you every day and wish you were here with us. Yesterday, I went to your grave to spend some time with you, my Girl. I sat there for a few minutes at a loss for words and with dry eyes. The weather was sunny and cool...beautiful! I sat there silent and still. I started thinking about the positives that have come from having you, 17 months ago. God has taught me so much. He has given me a new perspective on life and a new appreciation for everything. The words that kept coming to my mind during my visit were..."Be Thankful." I am thankful for you, Rylan. I cannot imagine my life without you and the gift that you were to us. Even though you were only with us four days, you have touched so many lives and taught many people to love more. I will treasure the gifts that I have in my life right now and focus on those blessings. I praise God for my amazing husband, my four kids, my family and friends, jobs, health, etc.

That night, I took your brothers and sister and held them tight, kissed them, and thanked my God for them. There are so precious and dear. Thank you, my Girl, for teaching be to be thankful.



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